Saturday, October 1, 2011

Begin Again

I want to blaze 
to streak across the night sky
in flame in glorious incandescence 
white-hot and fearless I want 
to dance until I'm breathless with
sweat rolling down my back between
my breasts into my eyes
I want to laugh
until I cry
and cry
until I empty out become
a small brown husk 
weightless and bouyant
in a wild wind
I want to sing too loud
stay up all night talking
watch the sun rise
on mystery 
and awe
and endless possibility  I
want to touch 
that sweet raw wound
where the music coils
and recoils I want to touch
and be touched
and there
until my skin burns 
and the world folds into itself 
like velvet origami and
the sky collapses
and I fall to earth
to begin again. 


© 2011 Tessa Murphy McKay


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